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Spaghetti Junction eyesore to become senior housing development?

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Old Presidential Hotel—abandoned since 2012—could soon get a new lease on life

A cylindrical tower which has seen better days.
The 1970s Presidential Hotel in its broken-down glory.

Next to Spaghetti Junction stands a long-abandoned, cylindrical tower in a sorry state of disrepair.

With smashed windows, graffiti, and rotting interiors—all surrounded by an overgrown landscape—the former Presidential Hotel is a bona fide eyesore, seen by hundreds of thousands of commuters daily.

The building in happier, less blighted times.

Now, plans are in the works to convert the derelict structure into a senior housing tower.

CBS46 reports that permits have been issued for a conversion of the 1970s hotel into hundreds of residential units.

In addition to the spruced-up 15-story tower, a 12-story counterpart would be added to the site.

The proposal has been floating around for months, but in December the Atlanta Business Chronicle reported the project had hit a roadblock. It turns out the owner of the building reportedly filed for bankruptcy to block the sale to the new developer, Peacock Partners.

It’s unclear how the situation has been resolved, but with special use permits, the project can now begin. No word on when that may happen, however.

Nonetheless, the progress is good news for those tired of broken windows and blight.

If built, it could be one of the largest senior housing projects in metro Atlanta.