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Open Thread: Growing Atlanta needs a fresh slogan. What should it be?

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Let’s brainstorm a punchy way of summing up the Big Peach in 2018—in six words or less

A photo of Midtown and downtown Atlanta at night.
“Atlanta: Delaying Florida Vacations Since 1908.”
Curbed Atlanta

Now more than ever, the ceaselessly evolving City of Atlanta is all about the new.

It’s a new year. There’s a new mayor. Two new stadiums. New pieces of Beltline. New buildings everywhere. And a renewed hope of landing Amazon’s jobs and proving to the world that—dang it—we matter down here.

Which means that yesteryear slogans—“City in a Forest,” “City Too Busy To Hate,” and the like—just won’t cut it anymore. This town deserves a fresh tagline. But what should it be?

For inspiration, our crack research has turned up a few other examples, some with more longevity than others:

“New York of the South” (late 1800s)

“Chicago of the South” (circa 1906)

“Convention City of Dixie Land” (circa 1917)

“Empire City of the South”

“Atlanta: Opportunity, Optimism, and Openness” (or something like that)

“Atlanta: People Seem to Like it Here”

“Every Day is an Opening Day”

“Atlanta Loves You” (h/t Saporta Report)

“Georgia: Without Atlanta, We’re Alabama”

“What Happens Here, Stays Here—Stuck in Traffic” (we jest)

“Atlanta: Where Your $599K Mortgage Beats Renting in, Like, Baltimore” (okay, sorry)

Now let’s get serious. Or not. But let’s at least keep it civil.

For this installment of Friday Open Thread, we ask Atlantans to give suggestions for an irresistible, succinct new slogan for the city—in six words or less.

Have at it, if you please, in the comments section.