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Across from MARTA station, Midtown office building taking shape

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With 200 relocated suburban jobs, Interface headquarters will occupy revamped midcentury building on West Peachtree Street.

New windows going in on the three-story building.
Work on the building along West Peachtree Street.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Across the street from MARTA’s Arts Center Station, a formerly dated midcentury office building is well on its way to a more stylish presence on a key Midtown artery.

Construction crews have completed demolition of old stucco and brick walls, and have constructed metal framework for the new three-story glass facade. A rooftop penthouse at the southern edge of the building indicates where the entry to a new rooftop terrace will be.

Back in 2016, Interface—the world’s largest manufacturer of modular carpet—announced plans to combine and relocate its current Vinings headquarters and other regional offices to the building at West Peachtree and 16th streets.

After a year, and a significant change in design, work launched in September on the gut-job renovation. Crews reduced the building to the concrete frame, before adding back the new facade system.

With work complete on the metal framing, glass could soon begin to go in.

When complete later this year, up to 200 workers will fill the building, adding more jobs to the MARTA-adjacent area.

Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta
Fritted glass covers the three-story box, showing patterns of trees. via Midtown Alliance

Along with the new Interface office, two other small old office buildings have been rehabbed nearby within the past year.

With the pace of development in Midtown, smart money says it’ll likely be only another development cycle or two before the smaller buildings are replaced by more density.