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Fascinating new map reveals Atlantans’ favorite running, cycling routes

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The Eastside Beltline Trail is a top choice, and the popularity of the Peachtree Road Race is indisputable

A black map with the grid of the city glowing from a light purple to red to white, showing where people exercise.
Atlanta’s exercising patterns.

The release of a world map by fitness tracking app Strava, showing exercising patterns of people across the globe, has made news for revealing the location and layout of U.S. military bases abroad.


Releasing that information may have been a major oversight, but on the local level, the maps do offer an incredible new way to look at Atlanta, highlighting where runners and cyclists make the city their gym.

While the typical map of Atlanta is dominated by the ring of Interstate 285, with the Connector, Interstate 20, and Ga. Highway 400 segmenting the city into distinct pockets, the Strava map shows a much more connected city.

Major thoroughfares glow bright white, indicating their appeal to those on foot and two wheels. Not surprisingly, Peachtree Road from Lenox Square to 10th Street—the route of the Peachtree Road Race—stands out.

Other popular routes include the Beltline’s Eastside Trail, which is easily discernible against the surrounding streets.

Intown Atlanta, with Piedmont Park, the Eastside Trail, and the Freedom Parkway Trail visible.

Another fascinating element that stands out are the oval tracks around the city, highlighting where schools and stadiums exist.

Overall, the map offers a chance to see Atlanta in a different—and perhaps useful—context.