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Striking midcentury modern in Sherwood Forest asks $1.45M, but demo suggested

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In a bizarre contradiction, listing touts home as “iconic” while promoting lot as “a special building site” 

Ranch-style home with large front yard and trees.
“Iconic” home or primed for rebuild?
RE/MAX Around Atlanta Realty

As the work of celebrated Atlanta architect Ted Levy, who also designed Plaza Towers on Peachtree Road, this 1965 midcentury modern in Sherwood Forest beautifully epitomizes the architectural style.

Overlooking the eighth green at Ansley Golf Club, the floor-to-ceiling windows in the two-story great room facing the backyard perfectly integrate the outdoors with the interior.

The den’s brick walls, metal fireplace, tile hearth, and hardwood floors are a study in the artful juxtaposition of contrasting materials.

And, of course, the sleek lines both inside and out are consistent with the classic, understated look of a MCM.

As such, it’s not surprising the listing agent calls the dwelling “iconic.”

What is surprising is that the listing also states the property — “one of the very best lots,” it says — could “provide a special building site.”

Who could imagine tearing down such a pure example of midcentury modern panache, particularly in such a prime intown location?

Also surprising: The home just sold in September, making it appear to have been a flip purchase.

The current ask of $1.45 million isn’t too much more than the September purchase price of $1.3 million, but a tidy profit of $150,000 isn’t pocket change, either.