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Revamped Edgewood rentals to remain affordable in changing neighborhood

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Affordable (but notorious) apartment complex will be spruced up and expanded as part of $18-million renovation, says developer.

Two-story dated garden style apartments covered in brown stucco.
The exterior of Edgewood Court Apartments today.
Edgewood Court Apartments

While the battle for affordable housing across intown Atlanta rages into 2018, a large-scale renovation project in Edgewood is slated to preserve a cluster of affordable residences in a gentrifying neighborhood.

According to a press release, Edgewood Court—a cluster of dated, garden-style apartments just east of the Edgewood Retail District—is slated for a much needed overhaul.

Plans call for the residences to remain affordable once the $18-million renovation is complete.

Jonathan Rose Companies, in partnership with Columbia Residential, has revealed plans to spruce up the existing buildings, which are a vital intown resource for many families but have become synonymous with violent crime in recent years.

Dating back to 1950, the 204 rental units haven’t seen a substantial renovation since 1981, developers say.

The updated buildings and new community center.
Jonathan Rose Companies

The project will focus on creating more sustainable and accessible units. It includes a new community center, fitness center, and a computer lab.

New units will be added to provide for disabled residents, bringing the total number of homes up to 222.

Construction will begin soon, and is slated to last into early 2019.