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Revived bungalow in Washington Park seeks $230K, a relative bargain

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Just west of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, this 1930s home is walkable to the Beltline’s Westside Trail and MARTA.

One-story house with covered front porch.
A classic facade in Washington Park.
Raw Real Estate Group

Take a look at this 1930s bungalow in “up and coming” Washington Park, the latest neighborhood aiming to latch onto the Beltline Westside Trail craze, and the results of its recent renovation are readily apparent.

In fact, one might say the floors scream for attention.

From the updated kitchen with its granite countertops to the on-trend sliding barn door (thankfully not for the bathrooms) to the tiled shower and vessel sink in the bathroom, there doesn’t appear to be any area of the house left untouched.

Of course, it may be hard to notice any of those details given the striking “unique hardwoods” that run throughout the house.

It’s not entirely clear what the intent was behind this choice, but they come across as more of a distraction than a complement to the overall design. Or, hey, maybe they enliven a remodel otherwise awash in grey and white?

Perhaps they’re meant to distract potential buyers from just how small the rooms are, given there are four bedrooms and two baths in just 1,239 square feet.

And while the new back deck is a great addition, the lack of a staircase leading down into the backyard is a massive drawback.

For buyers not put off by the floors, it’ll be interesting to see if the location will give this home a boost into the sold column.

While it is within walking distance to Washington Park, nearby shops and restaurants, and the Ashby MARTA Station, it could still be a hard sale, especially given the price.

The home last sold in August for $70,400 before undergoing the extensive renovation that spiked the price to the current ask of $229,900, which is definitely at the top end for this neighborhood. Although it’s a relative bargain compared to more popular buyer destinations across the city.