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Photos: NCR’s new Midtown tower opens for workers

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First Spring Street structure is complete, with the second anticipated to open by the end of 2018.

The angular glass tower, above a planted gathering area.
The new headquarters, seen from the elevated courtyard.

Midtown gained a few thousand new office workers Monday with the opening of NCR’s new international headquarters.

Located at the edge of The Connector, fronting Spring Street, the new development—designed by Duda|Paine with interiors by Gensler—is a noteworthy addition to the Midtown skyline.

With an angled glass facade, rising to jagged points, the structure stands out from the surrounding buildings.

A soaring, glass atrium faces a new entry plaza on Spring Street, while a large courtyard tops the parking structure at the center of the development. The complex also features the NCR Innovation Lab, multiple dining options, a gym, informal gathering spaces, and a large lecture space.

Meanwhile, as office workers move in, construction is still plowing ahead on the complex’s second tower. When complete, the project will encompass nearly 750,000 square feet.

Construction on the first tower began in November 2015, with the second tower launching less than a year later—much earlier than many had anticipated.

The view from the soaring atrium on Spring Street, looking north.
The sky reflected in the faceted glass facade.

Once the second tower opens, the company will employ nearly 5,000 people at their new headquarters—a major shot-in-the-arm for the Tech Square area.