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$1.6M Peachtree Heights property offers fresh take on Atlanta modernism

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Leaning minimalist, five-bedroom near Buckhead’s Duck Pond marketed as “stunning.”

A photo of a white modern house in Buckhead near the Duck Pond.
Minimalism meets traditionalism in Buckhead.
Dorsey Alston Realtors

Deep-pocketed Atlanta homebuyers on the hunt for a happy middle-ground between stark modernism and ubiquitous pseudo-Craftsman could find much to admire here on Forrest Way, in the southern realms of Buckhead.

Tucked between Peachtree Road and Lindbergh, this recently finished (well, not quite finished in listing photos) five-bedroom brims with nontraditional room angles, restrained finishes, and a geometric variety of window portals to the outdoors.

What the listing describes as Peachtree Heights, others might call Garden Hills. In any case, it’s a general area that one national barometer predicted to be the “hottest” in town for 2018.

This property will need that heat in winter to achieve its listing price of $1,589,000, which buys bountiful uniqueness but just a one-car garage and, perhaps, less yard than house-hunters in this echelon are looking for.

The work of Atlanta-based homebuilder Junger Homes, the house harkens, in a way, modern-style listings from the 1980s and later that’ve become available in Morningside in recent years. It juxtaposes white-painted brick, cedar shingles, and terraces of bluestone with more minimalistic steel windows and white-washed oak flooring. Inside, a few splashy art pieces could be required.

Highlights include a gorgeous kitchen with integrated/invisible Thermador appliances, sleek fireplaces, the massive upstairs “bonus space,” and, outside, style-appropriate landscaping. Plus, off-street parking.

Square footage isn’t specified, but judging by aerial views (and the trio of A/C units), this place is fairly huge.

It’s within easy walking distance of Buckhead’s storied Duck Pond, but with its “Car-Dependent” 44 WalkScore, not much else. Although stumbling home from Gold Room, Wet Willie’s, Fellini’s, or even Chili’s certainly wouldn’t be out of the question.