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Near Starlight Six Drive-In, farmhouse makeover seeks $460K

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Not your ho-hum renovation, this update includes an eclectic mix of old and new to create an intown retreat

White house with covered front porch and granite chimney.
ITP privacy included, courtesy of a large lot.
Harry Norman, REALTORS

Near the Custer/McDonough/Guice neighborhood, not far off Moreland Avenue, this 1940 dwelling retains its farmhouse roots, courtesy of the original granite foundation and chimney, but the recently renovated interior reveals a home fit for modern living.

With four bedrooms and three bathrooms in 2,110 square feet, the home now contains a fully updated kitchen complete with quartz countertops and even a wine refrigerator. Hardwood floors run throughout and appear to be original, although that’s not confirmed in the listing.

The listing does tout an office with French doors that “makes working from home a treat,” but it’s unclear if that’s one of the four bedrooms included in the specs or an actual separate space.

Outside, the front porch provides views of the expansive lot, thanks to the home’s location back from, and above, the street. A view from behind the house would be nice, but it does appear there’s a small patio on the side of the house off the kitchen.

The listing also states the home occupies an “exciting location around the corner from the Beltline, The Beacon, Grant Park, Boulevard Crossing Park, and East Atlanta Village.”

If walking, however, that’s a bit of a stretch; in reality, Benteen Park is much closer. Although Atlanta’s legendary drive-in—the Starlight Six—is probably within hoofing distance for most.

It’ll be interesting to see what this property receives once it sells. The current ask of $460,000 is a good $200,000 more than recent home sales in the neighborhood.

But its price is more in line with the value recent renovations are seeking throughout Atlanta’s southside.