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Photos: Atlanta Beltline’s Reynoldstown extension will see concrete soon

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The Eastside Trail is clearly en route to Memorial Drive

A photo of where the trail currently dead-ends.
Where the trail currently dead-ends.
Curbed Atlanta

Atlanta Beltline zealots of Reynoldstown and Cabbagetown have likely spotted a promising sight recently: a channel carved into the earth indicating exactly where the Eastside Trail’s next leg will soon be.

But how soon is soon?

According to Beltline spokeswoman Jenny Odom, concrete pouring is scheduled to begin in early or mid-November, taking the paved path from its current end at Kirkwood Avenue down to Memorial Drive, which is experiencing transformative residential and commercial growth.

Another sign of progress, per Odom, is that a duct bank is about 90 percent finished for the Eastside Trail’s next leg.

In the Beltline’s case, a duct bank “consists of pipes laid underneath the trail for utility purposes,” Odom wrote in an email to Curbed Atlanta. “It allows us to use the space ourselves or make it available for fiberoptic cable, electric, and other communications infrastructure.”

Need a visual? Below is the duct bank that’s part of the Eastside Trail’s Ponce de Leon Avenue bridge, as seen during construction.

This photo courtesy of Atlanta Beltline

This latest Eastside Trail extension launched construction in July and is still on schedule to be finished and opened to the public this winter.

Plantings are scheduled to continue through June, Odom said.

Like all future Beltline trails, the expansion project will include ADA access points, security cameras, and lighting.

The scope.
Atlanta Beltline

A 1.25-mile Eastside Trail extension from Old Fourth Ward and Inman Park to Reynoldstown debuted last autumn.

Here’s a closer look:

The scene at Kirkwood Avenue this week. Elsewhere on the Beltline, Reeves Young, the contractor, built components of Historic Fourth Ward Park, including the splash pad, waterfalls, amphitheater, and skate park.
Curbed Atlanta
An existing bridge at Fulton Terrace/Mauldin Street where safety rails are pending.
Curbed Atlanta
An access point on the eastern side of the Fulton Terrace bridge.
Curbed Atlanta
A Reynoldstown loft building and the channel where concrete is scheduled to soon be poured.
Curbed Atlanta
This illustrates the Beltline proximity of new restaurants along Memorial Drive such as Muchacho and, at right, Fuqua Development’s massive Madison Yards project.
Curbed Atlanta
Where the Eastside Trail will terminate, come early next year, at Memorial Drive. A couple of blocks south from here is Glenwood Park and the beginnings of the Beltline’s 4.5-mile Southside Trail, where site clearance and engineering work are underway.
Curbed Atlanta