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For $390K, Westview bungalow delivers character, pays homage to original owner

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Revived 1930s abode brings an unexpected loft space and soaring ceilings

White house with covered porch.
A revised front porch that doesn’t lack doors.
Keller Williams Realty Intown

Known as the Historic Harris House, this 1930 Westview bungalow packs a lot of interesting accents (and dimensions) into its 2,169 square feet.

According to the listing, the recent renovation honors the legacy of the original homeowner, who was a master machinist. But don’t expect random calipers and steel files on the walls.

Inside the three-bedroom, two-bath home, the original windows, 20-foot-plus ceilings, and brick backsplash do add character to the space.

Elsewhere, noticeably unique features include the alternate tread staircase leading up to the loft space. That’s a new one.

Speaking of the loft, the skylights up there, while not a unique feature on their own, certainly are unusual for a Craftsman-style dwelling.

And it comes as little surprise that the property delivers a favorite for many: The barn door on the master bathroom, which works more in this setting than others spotted recently around Atlanta.

The large porch looks much better with the screening removed—and with the addition of a new covered entryway at the front door—but the floor seems like it could use a coat of paint. (Or at very least a good washing, like some interior flooring).

A peek at the backyard would have been welcome, as would a larger view of the front yard, including a look at the driveway the listing states is included on the lot.

The listing also states the home is located in an “awesome community” with “Atlanta Famous” neighbors, although it’s not clear who those neighbors are.

The current asking price of $389,900 is in line with the many other renovations of similar size populating the neighborhood.