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Next PATH400 installment to connect Lindbergh, Lenox Square is underway

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In Buckhead, easily walking, biking between Miami Circle and Lenox Square could be possible within a year

A paved trail runs alongside a busy road.
A completed segment of Buckhead’s growing urban trail.

After securing the official “Notice to Proceed” from Norfolk Southern and wrapping up final surveys, the PATH400 project is now embarking on one of the most challenging sections of its eventual 5.2-mile greenway that will run through the heart of Buckhead.

According to Denise Starling, executive director of Livable Buckhead, this stretch of the trail is the most complicated because it involves MARTA and Norfolk Southern properties.

“It threads the needle between two MARTA rail lines, [Norfolk Southern’s] main freight line and Ga. Highway 400, and even includes our own little Okefenokee Swamp complete with beaver dams,” she told Curbed Atlanta this summer.

This portion of the project may not be readily apparent, even to local residents, who may be wondering exactly where it is. Running alongside Ga. Highway 400, the next section is hidden behind a highway sound wall.

PATH400 opened its first phase, which connects Old Ivy Road to Tower Place, in 2015, and is now more than halfway finished.

Once this latest segment wraps, the trail will be 67 percent complete.

The timetable for that completion is approximately one year, provided Atlanta’s weather cooperates throughout construction.

As Starling pointed out in a recent newsletter: “Come fall 2019 you will be able to get from Lindbergh to Lenox Square without stepping foot in a car or on a road.”