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1930s condo offers charming Midtown alternative at $350K

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Trio of decorative fireplaces and private deck highlight 1,100-square-foot listing near Piedmont Park

An Atlanta condo for sale in Midtown that’s pretty old.
The confluence of dining, lounging, cooking, and clothes-washing areas.
A Is For Atlanta

About five blocks straight south of Piedmont Park, this new listing from 1930 delivers something not exactly common in Atlanta: a condo with true historic charm that isn’t a shoebox.

These days, Midtown flats around this price point—$349,900—tend to be heavy on concrete and low on character. But such is not the case on Argonne Avenue.

Unit D at this long, deep, corner-lot building includes three of the type of decorative fireplaces usually seen in restored Atlanta Victorians. Plus, the beautifully worn hardwood floors are original.

Favorable numbers include the strong 87 WalkScore and the 1,120 square feet for a property like this—plenty of room for singles or suburbanites seeking a pied-à-terre. And the listed HOA fee of $275 monthly might not be a deal-killer, all things considered.

On the flip side, dedicated parking is zero. There’s just one (smallish) bathroom. And while it beats lugging baskets to the laundromat, the kitchen/laundry room combo could be off-putting, especially for buyers without ultra-quiet appliances.

But could the condo’s sprawling private deck—described in the listing as the deal’s “cherry on top”—atone for the shortcomings?