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Gigantic Reynoldstown condo space on Beltline aims to fetch $950K

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Where an aversion to natural light is a good thing

One of at least two cozy living areas at a Reynoldstown loft for sale.
One of at least two cozy living areas.
Adams Realtors

Imagine the (virtually windowless) possibilities here.

Short of landing an aircraft or staging a regulation soccer match, there’s almost no human activity this gargantuan living space in Reynoldstown can’t handle.

Racquetball. Skateboarding. The first annual Atlanta Beltline line dance. These nearly 7,000 square feet could house it all—simultaneously.

Tucked under the circa-1920 A&P Lofts, where Memorial Drive will soon meet the extended Eastside Trail, this sprawling three-bedroom could function as a live, work, and co-op space, according to its MRC-3-C zoning, per the listing.

And it could be a significant blank slate—with no shortage of mushroom pillars reminiscent of Ponce City Market. But at $950,000, it’d be a significant investment too, with $1,100 monthly HOA dues to keep in mind.

The 51 WalkScore should drastically improve when neighboring projects beyond the Beltline—Atlanta Dairies and Madison Yards chief among them—come online. The seven reserved parking spots, while great for parties, could be excessive.

And the inimitable high points of living here (original doors and hardware, high ceilings, community gym and huge rooftop patio) could be enhanced by the additional of a second bathroom (at least) and maybe a couple of windows, which might not be easy or possible.

It’s the neighborhood’s priciest listing by about $150,000 at the moment—but at an astonishingly low $135 per square foot.