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Business map suggests Atlanta isn’t hurting for churches, salons, auto places

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What’s the most dominant business type in your zip code?

The larger the font, the more dominant a particular business type is.
The larger the font, the more dominant a particular business type is.
All images courtesy of Apartment Guide

Ever wonder what the prevailing business type is in your Atlanta zip code?

Well, funny you should ask.

From the department of interesting—if somewhat random—data-driven maps, online rental hub Apartment Guide has examined some 35,000 listings throughout Atlanta to determine the most common type of businesses in each zip code.

The result is a telling tapestry that shows what type of businesses work in certain areas—and how development patterns may have influenced that. The prevalence of “Cars” around Spaghetti Junction makes sense. But who knew “Kennels” were so dominant around Ansley Park?

Business types noted on the maps, according to Apartment Guide researchers, are all at least three times as common in each specific Atlanta zip code. (See the faint blue lines of interstates to denote which zip codes are where).

The bigger the font, the more disproportionately common certain business types are.

Overall, it’s no surprise that restaurants are the most common business in the ATL, followed by beauty salons and churches.

And here’s a fun disconcerting fact, per the research: Atlanta counts more than four salons for every grocery store.

This image suggests Atlanta’s social butterflies and art enthusiasts might flourish in Midtown and close-in neighborhoods on the east and west sides of town.

Barbecue landed surprisingly low this breakdown of cuisines types:

The overview: