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Sawtoothed Va-Hi townhomes coming to market cheaper—gasp!—than expected

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But don’t expect a fire sale, as Ponce-adjacent project will still begin (barely) in the $800Ks

The sawtooth units at left, and urban villas duplex at right.
The sawtooth units at left, and urban villas duplex at right.
All Office of Design renderings via Milo on Ponce

A distinctive townhome row in Virginia-Highland is coming to market now as the latest example of Atlanta developers keeping prices at what they were promised to be—if not a little less, even.

Predicted earlier this year to start at roughly $950,000, the smaller townhome options at The Milo on Ponce project have instead listed in recent days at $895,000.

Granted, that’s no BlueLight Special, but it marks a change over instances of developers gradually—if not drastically—marking up townhome prices throughout planning and construction phases, sometimes by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The work of Decatur-based Office of Design and Hudson Development, The Milo is rising at 910 Ponce de Leon Avenue, near John Lewis Freedom Parkway, where a two-story brick apartment building that formerly housed Open Door Shelter was razed.

Demolition of the site’s predecessor, early 20th century apartments.
Terry Kearns, flickr

A mix of six luxury units beneath a sawtoothed roof and two conjoined “urban villas” with a butterfly roof, The Milo is marketed as the “opportunity of a generation” to live “an elevated lifestyle” on “one of the few remaining undeveloped parcels in Virginia-Highland.”

The community will be gated, and each four-level offering will have two-car garages that appear to be a little tight in renderings. As in, vehicle entry à la the Dukes of Hazzard might be required.

The under-construction project’s relationship to Ponce, as seen recently.

The first of the urban villas listed (four bedrooms, three bathrooms, 2,371 square feet) is asking $895,000, while the larger sawtooth units (four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, 3,057 square feet) aim to fetch $925,000, per listings.

Amenities include a couple of guest parking spots and what appears to be a communal lawn with fire pit. Rooftop “sky lounges” with skyline views, wet bars, half-bathrooms, and fireplaces come standard.

Have a look a fresh interior renderings below.

The larger option.
The villa option.
A rendering of the sawtooth-roofed Milo on Ponce project. Hudson Development