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Atlanta declared best city in the land for singles right now

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Study finds the Big Peach is crawling with Atlantans looking for love

A chart showing the best and worst U.S. cities for singles right now.
Small-dot Atlanta topped the list of 182 cities studied, while Brownsville, Texas, ranked last.

Citing an abundance of nightlife options and restaurants—and, more importantly, a plethora of unwed, unspoken-for people—a new analysis has named Atlanta the “best” American city for singles right now.

In an effort to determine where American singles have the highest likelihood of finding love, personal finance website WalletHub analyzed 183 U.S. cities across 34 key indicators of “dating friendliness.”

The country’s 150 largest cities were included, along with at least two of the most populated cities in each state (Columbus ranked 94th, with Augusta clocking in at 128th).

Atlanta joined the likes of hip places such as Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Chicago in the list’s top 10 singles-friendly towns, scoring sixth in “share of singles” and eighth in “restaurants per capita.”

Cost of living in Atlanta didn’t hurt, relatively speaking, being that an average date across the country means a $102 subtraction on bank statements, per the findings.

Brownsville, Texas, clunked at the bottom of the list, scoring next-to-last in “dating opportunities.” Atlanta was No. 2 in that category.

Overall, three “key dimensions” were evaluated—”economics,” “fun and recreation,” and “dating opportunities”—by way of 34 relevant metrics. Those took into account everything from weather and average cocktail prices to “Most Active Tender Users.”

But what say you, singles of ATL? Does this all sound about right?

Source: WalletHub

The USA’s single-friendly top 10, per WalletHub’s findings: