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Reynoldstown corner house overlooking Beltline flaunts uniqueness for $715K

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A carriage house is included up the street from the Eastside Trail

An Atlanta townhouse for sale in the Reynoldstown neighborhood.
Not much is humdrum at the corner of Kirkwood Avenue and Gibson Street.

Few are the semidetached dwellings around Atlanta that come with carriage houses, where rental income can be produced or in-laws stashed away, but such is the case on a Reynoldstown corner that’s sure to be more high-profile as the city evolves.

Standing two stories with a wraparound porch on Kirkwood Avenue, this four-bedroom offering is being resold for the first time at Rtown Lane, a unique cluster of 13 energy-efficient homes by Abode architecture next to ParkGrounds, in what could be called the heart of Reynoldstown.

The same firm is constructing the multifaceted Mattie Branch project a few blocks away, with similarly clean lines and elements that echo Scandinavia. Elsewhere, its homes dot the neighborhood.

Listed for $714,900 this week, the corner unit in question is described as a “breathtaking Starbucks executive home,” which is either a reference to aspects like the pretty kitchen cabinetry and minimal-cool bathrooms or a handsome professional.

Not much bores around these 2,134 square feet, from the frosted glass and eye-popping awning of the porches to the vertical window slits and cozy grilling space dividing the two structures.

The carriage house includes a full (if tight) one-bedroom apartment above a two-car garage, back near the community’s party-ready alleyway. Logic says the $205 monthly HOA fees eliminate the need for lawnmowers and such.

The listing mentions views of the Atlanta Beltline, which is being extended a stone’s throw away, and the city’s skyline—but not of the long-running steel business and dormant lots nearby.

Like the so-so 69 WalkScore, that dormancy is likely to change, however, as the Beltline matures and big-ticket attractions such as Atlanta Dairies (now with a signed brewery) and Madison Yards come online.

Records indicate the home last traded for $481,000 in the summer of 2016, when it was new.