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Townhomes to add live-work component to Candler Park’s commercial core

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Two-unit project by Glenwood Park vets neighbors retail strip

A revised project sketch for the corner of McLendon and Brooks avenues in commercial Candler Park.
A revised project sketch for the corner of McLendon and Brooks avenues in commercial Candler Park.
Courtesy of Walter Brown

Recent patrons of places like Candler Park Market, Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party, and Gato have probably wondered what a prominent, three-story structure rising from a formerly wooded hill next door is going to be.

The answer: something different for Candler Park’s commercial core.

Intended as a transition from the neighborhood’s retail strip to its single-family streets, the two-unit project will be marketed as “home office” at the corner of McLendon and Brooks avenues, co-developer Walter Brown tells Curbed Atlanta.

A provision in Atlanta code allows for units in which a homeowner can have a business and one employee working with them, and the project aims to capitalize on that.

Brown said ground-floor spaces won’t see a continuation of Candler Park retail but professional offices (think: a consulting company, music teacher, therapist, or accountancy uses).

The project, as seen this week, neighbors Candler Park’s vibrant commercial strip.
Curbed Atlanta

“The person using the lower offices may have clients come to them,” Brown explained in an email. “They could hang a simple ‘shingle’ out letting folks know what they do, if they choose.”

Moving up, the second floor will house primary living spaces with optional elevators, intended for buyers who might be downsizing and require better accessibility.

The third floor, where master bedrooms will be, was added only after overall square footage was lost on the lower levels during planning stages, following requests by neighbors that the building be moved back from the street.

“We were working hard to have the first two levels read as a more traditional shopkeepers [concept], and so the third level steps back from the main façade from six to eight feet, depending on which side you are facing,” said Brown. “This also created very useful outdoor space for residents of the building.”

The project in August.
Curbed Atlanta

Brown is partnering with developer Dave Radlmann on the Kronberg Wall-designed project. Both are neighborhood residents and veterans of such projects as Glenwood Park, and together they own a quadraplex next door, which is receiving a new staircase to a common courtyard.

“This will improve the livability of the apartment residents who currently have to walk down a steep driveway to gain access to the nice array of shops across the street,” Brown noted.

Each unit will offer three bedrooms and three bathrooms; the corner option will be larger (2,800 square feet) than its 2,400-square-foot neighbor, including first-floor offices.

As for pricing, Brown said, “We haven’t determined that yet, but they will be more price-competitive than new [single-family homes] in the area.”

Plans call for listing the units for sale in early 2019, with occupancy in March.

The parcel as it appeared a year ago.
Google Maps