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Four-bedroom Oakland City remodel is sniffing an unheard-of $500K

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Voluminous bungalow with MARTA and Beltline walkability aims to smash neighborhood price records

A renovated Oakland City home for sale for an ungodly price right now.
An oversized porch previews roominess within.
Keller Williams

At the moment, the lone house for sale in Oakland City for more than $400,000 is ambitiously seeking way north of that mark.

In fact, it’s asking closer to a half-million bucks than not.

This year, just a handful of Oakland City homes (smaller bungalows) have fetched more than $300,000, topping out at $330,000 for a three-bedroom property of 1,740 square feet, records show.

Then again, with nearly 3,300 square feet, this circa-1920, four-bedroom remodel is almost twice the size of its closed-deal counterparts.

It listed a few days before Halloween at $475,000 and is holding steady.

With a wide, deep, and handsome front porch (bonus points for ceiling fans), it stands a few blocks south of the Beltline’s Westside Trail and burgeoning Lee+White adaptive-reuse district, and maybe six blocks from Oakland City’s MARTA hub in the opposite direction.

Inside, it’s obvious that walls have fallen to fashion a wide-open flow between the main sitting area, dining room, and kitchen, a space highlighted by 10-foot ceilings and a double-sided fireplace of questionable function.

The overall highlight, however, could be the obviously functional, finished basement, with its cozy television area, two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and bar kitchenette.

Another plus: Beyond the new deck (bonus points for exterior stairs), the freshly fenced backyard is absurdly deep, which can mean “versatile” or “maintenance albatross.”

Prior to renovations, the property traded for a mere $53,000 two years ago, according to city tax records.

But is the new package, all things considered, enough to set the Oakland City high mark now?