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$750K Moreland Avenue modern aims for privacy above all else

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Edgewood new-build counts winter downtown views and a retractable rooftop awning

A modern home for sale in Edgewood Atlanta.
Not Atlanta’s most welcoming facade.
Atlanta Intown Real Estate Services

Modern-style housing at the cusp of busy Moreland Avenue has been a thing in Edgewood and Reynoldstown for more than a decade, a trend accelerated in recent years by projects such as Reynolds Square and under-construction Madison Village.

Now, the latest entrant to Moreland’s mod scene is a standalone, three-story dwelling clearly designed with privacy and noise-minimization in mind, with its side-entry front door and fortress-like facade.

Perched over Moreland and buffered from the sidewalk by an old stone wall, the four-bedroom Edgewood new-build is marketed as “cool, crisp, [and] contemporary,” a few blocks from the elongating Eastside Trail and Edgewood Retail District.

The ask: $750,000.

Perks include an abundance of room-brightening white oak flooring, at least two fireplaces befitting the sleek style, a custom stair railing, and party-ready roof bar and terrace.

A nice touch is the retractable rooftop awning, which covers at least 7 percent of sun-exposed areas.

Once occupied by a boarded-up, graffiti-covered cottage, the lot moved for $105,000 in early 2015.

Meanwhile, a bungalow next door was spared the wrath of backhoes, selling in a pleasantly renovated state in August for $449,000.

The WalkScore of 79 is laudable here, but one thing to note: Unless Human Frogger sounds appealing, actually crossing the five-lane corridor safety would require a jaunt of a couple blocks during most hours of the day.