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Survey claims to show Atlanta’s friendliest, most walkable, child-ready neighborhoods

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Dog-friendliest ’hood and intown place with the most holiday spirit also part of Trulia annual roundup

A photo of Historic Fourth Ward Park, a canine paradise.
Historic Fourth Ward Park, a canine paradise.
Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta

In a capricious place like Atlanta, the overall quality of a neighborhood is subject to whims and development patterns of any given year, at least in the opinions of people living there.

But a national survey by Trulia could give an indication as to what characteristics are chiefly defining certain Atlanta neighborhoods right now.

For its 2018 Neighborly Awards, the home and neighborhood service for buying and renting announced today five Atlanta “winners”—that is, neighborhoods that distinguished themselves in positive ways during an analysis of 18 major housing markets.

Trulia crunched the numbers on 10,000 neighborhoods across the country, using data gathered from more than 20 million local polls. Written reviews helped vet the findings but did not influence rankings, according to Trulia reps.

The goal was to find which neighborhoods were the friendliest overall, the best for dogs, kids, holiday decor, et cetera, per the opinions of residents.

Winning neighborhoods had at least 30 reviews with a 75-percent positive response, at minimum.

Without further ado, the (arguable) Trulia findings:



Old Fourth Ward

“Do you often see people walking dogs in your neighborhood?”

“Yes” respondents: 99 percent

A sample O4W review from “Msbahiyyih,” posted four months ago:

”Many areas in Atlanta are being modeled after this area. It is a major hub for restaurants and millennials. The Beltline is four minutes away and trails are all over. Short commute to stores and shopping, but also in walking distance to nice boutique shops.”


Most Walkable


“Can you walk to restaurants in your neighborhood?”

“Yes” respondents: 97 percent

A sample Poncey-Highland review from “Nerlyne J. D.,” posted two moths ago:

“Great restaurants, vibrant people, and food scene. Lovely homes and places to see. Everyone can find a niche here.”


Kirkwood’s Lanta Gras Parade, a January tradition.
Curbed Atlanta

Friendliest Neighbors


“Do you say hi to your neighbors when you see them around?”

“Yes” respondents: 95 percent

A sample Kirkwood review from “Ashley G.,” posted six moths ago:

“I love living here. I currently rent, but hope to one day buy a house and a dog and stay here. I like Drew Charter [School] for my children and the parks and other things to do in the area. The people are also friendly.”


Most Holiday Spirit


“Do you decorate your home for any holidays?”

“Yes” respondents: 80 percent

A sample Morningside review from an anonymous resident, posted five moths ago:

“Convenient location to Emory, CDC, Piedmont Hospital. Nearby restaurants, grocery, dry cleaners, churches, shopping. Fantastic elementary schools, as well as middle and high schools. Kids, dogs, families walk on sidewalks.”




“Do you regularly see kids playing outside?”

“Yes” respondents: 76 percent

A sample Va-Hi review from “Francis D.,” posted four moths ago:

“I’ve owned property here for 41 years. They don’t call it ‘the best living intown’ for nothing. I renovated a lot of homes here. Now they’re going through their third incantations, and some are being torn down and infill houses are going in or tops put on them.”