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Can a Cabbagetown cottage with a single bathroom achieve a half-million bucks?

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How about when the front yard is the Atlanta Beltline?

A home for sale in Cabbagetown that’s right on the Beltline.
A C-town beachfront abode.
Ansley Atlanta Real Estate

Smartly renovated to showcase its age while embracing current trends, this circa-1920 cottage in Cabbagetown is cutesy, adorable, and any other adjective that implies stylish diminutiveness.

Counting a front-row seat to the Beltline’s Eastside Trail, the two-bedroom abode has a location that should check more and more boxes for buyers as time progresses.

As marketing language points out, walkable options include Krog Street Market (three blocks) and more recent listings darlings Edge and Atlanta Dairies.

It also has three times as many old fireplaces as bathrooms.

Which raises the question: Will space-hungry Atlantans fork over a half-million bucks, favoring aesthetic and locational perks over square footage, here on Wylie Street?

The single-bathroom bungalow listed this week for $509,000, parading original heart-pine flooring, butcher-block countertops, recessed ceiling speakers, a cozy front porch (with swing) and party-ready back deck.

Also handy is the two-car parking pad, in a neighborhood where street parking can be tight.

Beyond the room tally, the only real challenge might be the condo-size square footage (1,024), which wouldn’t preclude most single people and really close couples from claiming a nest like this.

It last moved for about $350,000 in the spring of 2017, prior to the extended Eastside Trail’s grand opening.

At least some updating, including an exterior paint job and new fencing, appears to have happened since then.