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Beefy East Lake new-build is striving for neighborhood record at $839K

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Five-bedroom spanning more than 4,100 square feet called an entertainer’s dream

Shades of blue Russell Street in East Lake.
Shades of blue on Russell Street.
PalmerHouse Properties

Among many other intown milestones, 2018 was the year when large new East Lake houses officially nipped the $800,000 mark, as evidenced by a sale in June.

Now, to round out the year, a spacious five-bedroom in the neighborhood’s northern reaches is essentially saying, “Hold my eggnog.”

With a whopping 4,113 square feet, three levels of finished living space (including the basement), and a screened back porch that could host a party on its own, this “entertainer’s dream custom house” by Urban Green Homes is reaching for $839,000, as posted this week.

It’s a short walk from the Oakhurst Village and rising Hosea+2nd development from here, though the listing doesn’t mention the latter.

Beyond the facade’s blue array and appealing front porch, the interior offers a few variations (ceiling fans and glass-fronted cabinetry) on the same sort of neo-craftsman theme that’s been popular ITP for ages.

The “no detail overlooked” claim does encompass perks such as electric-vehicle charging readiness, ambient lighting, and dual washer connections in the laundry room. Off-street parking should definitely not be an issue.

Roughly a dozen East Lake homes have traded in the $700,000s since the latter half of 2017.

The neighborhood’s current record holder notched an $800,000 sale this past summer.

The home’s predecessor in 2012. (The palm tree remains).
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