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Check out the spiffy logo for new regional transit agency ‘The ATL’

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The organization is tasked with expanding the transit network throughout metro Atlanta

Conceptual designs for new transit buses shown with The ATL’s recently adopted logo.
Conceptual designs for new transit buses shown with The ATL’s recently adopted logo.
Images: The ATL

Metro Atlanta’s new regional transit agency is officially chugging along.

In May, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed legislation that created “The ATL”—short for the Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority—and last week the group held its inaugural meeting.

Comprised of 16 members—six appointed by state officials, and 10 elected leaders representing 10 transit districts across a 13-county region—The ATL board kicked off business by adopting bylaws, announcing board communications standards, and among other boilerplate moves, making official the agency’s new logo.

“The Board is committed to being inclusive and wants to collaborate with our regional partners and transit riders,” said Charlie Sutlive, ATL Board Chair, according to a press release.

“The newly adopted ATL logo was created with a variety of stakeholder input, including qualitative and quantitative research, and a full creative process,” he continued.

The red and blue emblem resembles both a star and compass because “stars have provided guidance to travelers for thousands of years” and the compass offers “clarity and guidance to public transit users,” according to a brand development presentation given during the first board meeting.

According to House Bill 930, the state legislation that created The ATL, after January 1 “any newly acquired MARTA transit asset worth more than $250,000 must display the ATL brand.”

While MARTA utilizes the More MARTA tax program to grow Atlanta’s transit network, The ATL will be tasked with expanding transportation services throughout metro Atlanta and, ultimately, blending them with the city’s.

The ATL’s next board meeting is slated for January 24.