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Modern, tiny cabin rentals in ‘secret locations’ to debut in Atlanta next year

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Getaway company targets Atlanta as fourth market, offering adventures in unplugging

A two-person cabin in the trees, similar to offerings coming outside Atlanta.
A two-person cabin in the trees, similar to offerings planned outside Atlanta.
All images: Getaway

Following launches in three East Coast markets, a company that rents tiny but functional cabins in unspecified places is setting sights on the Peach State.

Offering no-frills escapes and absolutely no Wi-Fi, Getaway will debut cabins near Atlanta in July meant to help camping-averse city dwellers unplug in a simplified way. The company currently operates near New York, Washington, D.C., and Boston.

All cabins will be about two hours from downtown Atlanta, as with other cities. The number of cabins to be offered wasn’t specified, and the exact locations aren’t revealed until guests book stays.

A rectangular wooden cabin in a clearing surrounded by trees.
An example of a cabin for four.

Preview images show diminutive dwellings (between 140 and 200 square feet) with modern-leaning exteriors and wood-clad interiors. All cabins come with air-conditioning (or fans), heat, and hot showers. Basics like salt and pepper and cooking oil are provided, while snacks, coffee, firewoods, and other roughing-it essentials are for sale.

Outdoors, cabins will offer a fire pit, grilling grate, and picnic table and chairs.

The interior of a cabin. The walls and ceiling are wood. There is a bed, tables, stove, and sink. There are windows.
Two-person option with a single queen.

Each cabin has been “carefully designed by our team to include everything you need and nothing you don’t,” and all were “uniquely named after grandparents of our staff and guests,” per Getaway marketing materials.

Logic says the tiny cabins will crop up in the North Georgia Mountains somewhere. The company’s three existing Outposts, as they call them, are in mountainous places: Catskill, New York, near Shenandoah National Park (the DC location), and in Epsom, New Hampshire for Boston customers.

In Atlanta, bookings begin in July and range next summer from $119 per night to $199 per night for Fourth of July weekend. The cabins will rent year-round, per company reps.

The interior of a wooden cabin. There is a bed, a shelf, and a hook on the wall which holds a colorful towel.
A bedroom in a wooden cabin. There is a bed with a red plaid blanket. There are multiple windows.
A black cabin surrounded by trees.