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Atlanta declared America’s fourth best city for Christmas celebrations

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Large numbers of holiday events, tree farms, and three-star hotel rooms helped boost the city’s ranking

Large Christmas ornaments outside the World of Coca-Cola.
Lots of Christmas events, like those at the World of Coca-Cola, boosted Atlanta’s ranking.
World of Coca-Cola

With Christmas less than a week away, Atlantans couldn’t be in a better place to celebrate the holidays.

Well, almost.

According to a new analysis from WalletHub titled “2018’s Best Places for Christmas Celebrations,” Atlanta comes in as the fourth best city in the country to celebrate the season, falling in behind Orlando, Las Vegas and New York, respectively.

Using five key dimensions—1) traditions and fun, 2) observance, 3) generosity, 4) shopping, and 5) costs—the report compared the 100 biggest cities in the United States.

The methodology further evaluated those dimensions using 31 key metrics, each graded on a 100-point scale, in which Atlanta had some surprising results.

Atlanta was declared the No. 1 place for the number of Christmas events per capita, and eighth for both number of Christmas tree farms per capita and the cost of a three-star hotel room.

The city also did quite well regarding the amount of online giving per capita, landing at 12.

Source: WalletHub

Other metrics included “average price per Christmas party ticket” (27), “toy stores and hobby shops per capita” (32), “Christmas markets per capita” (28), and “percent of Christian population” (50).

All in all, this is good news for those staying home this Christmas.

For anyone traveling to see family, well, hopefully your holiday destination ranks high on the list, too.