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Uber has dropped new (and cheaper) e-scooters upon Atlanta called JUMP

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With regulations pending, the e-scooter madness shows no signs of slowing

a picture of a jump scooter
There appear to be no brakes on Atlanta’s scooter craze.

Look out, Bird. There’s a new scooter in town—again.

Today, rideshare giant Uber announced it has brought a new option to Atlanta’s e-scooter market, with the local debut of its JUMP program.

JUMP scooters have already been roving around Austin, Los Angeles, and Chicago, but the company’s Atlanta—alongside San Diego—launch adds yet another two-wheeled option to Uber’s cellphone app. (Uber recently announced Lime scooters could be scored via the same app that hails vehicles.)

JUMP scooters work the same as every shareable e-ride option in town, although more cheaply than the main competitor.

While Bird—arguably the most popular electric scooter program in the city—costs a dollar to start and 15 cents per minute thereafter, the JUMP program charges the same to begin, but just 10 cents a minute once on the road.

Screenshot, via Uber app

As of this morning, according to the Uber app, it appeared all of the new, red-accented JUMP scooters were in Midtown; although, with the scooter biz being as bustling as it is, they’ll likely be scattered about the city by nightfall.

Jump’s Atlanta intro comes at a precarious time for the e-scooter industry, as city officials are mulling if and how to regulate a craze that’s seen people hopping curbs, incurring injuries, littering sidewalks, and even cruising down the interstate on vehicles that top out at 15 miles per hour.

Atlanta city councilmembers are on winter recess at the moment, so proposed legislation that would limit where people are allowed to park and ride, and how large an operator’s fleet can be, won’t see a vote until at least early 2019.