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Renderings: How MARTA’s next mixed-use venture could look

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The Kensington transit-oriented development is expected to bring 244 apartments east of Decatur

a rendering of the proposed project
Studio A Architecture calls this proposed development “Phoenix Station.”
Renderings: Studio A Architecture

UPDATE: MARTA’s director of transit-oriented development Jacob Vallo told Curbed Atlanta that this project was not submitted during the recently concluded RFP process, which did not receive any proposals. However, Vallo said MARTA had received an unsolicited proposal for another “Phoenix Station” project from a different developer.

Each day, more than 5,000 people use the MARTA train station positioned between DeKalb County’s Avondale Estates and the eastern curve of Interstate 285.

One day, some of them will be able to hop off the train and land basically right on their front stoop.

In October, Saporta Report detailed MARTA’s search for a developer to tackle a transit-oriented mixed-use project intended for a 4.2-acre site adjacent its Kensington station.

Per the request for proposals, MARTA was shopping for a company that would prioritize affordability for families, especially those with teachers’ salaries or similar incomes.

“Special consideration will be given to firms who submit proposals which exceed this goal,” the document says. “Maximum Rent Limits will be the lesser of 35 percent of the qualified tenant’s gross income.”

Now, according to renderings published on Studio A Architecture’s website, it seems at least one firm has tossed its hat into the ring.

Studio A’s idea, called Phoenix Station—a blend of the city’s unofficial mascot and, of course, a train station—would deliver 244 apartments to an area that’s currently a mishmash of strip malls, industrial sites, and the county jail.

Phoenix Station would also feature amenities such as a community pool, business center, workout facility, and communal spaces. Plus, the closest possible proximity to MARTA.

It’s unclear if Studio A has been awarded the job. We’re awaiting a response from the firm and MARTA representatives and will post any additional information that comes.

Before the ball can get rolling on a mixed-use project, however, the site will need to be rezoned, as its current zoning prohibits retail and office use.