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Atlanta named country’s No. 6 party city of 2018

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According to new data, the ATL ranks high for birthday parties, holiday events, and baby showers

Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta

As Atlanta prepares to bid adieu to 2018 with its own slate of events, now comes new data from Evite showing the city also ranks as the No. 6 party city of 2018.

The company used the number of Evite events planned in each city across the United States during the last year to determine the top party cities. During 2018, Atlanta hosted 47,000 events with more than 1.8 million invited guests.

The top 10 party cities as are followed:

  1. Houston – 70,000 events
  2. Chicago – 62,700 events
  3. Austin – 55,800 events
  4. San Diego – 52,200 events
  5. Los Angeles – 50,000 events
  6. Atlanta – 47,000 events
  7. New York- 42,400 events
  8. San Jose – 41,100 events
  9. Dallas – 40,000 events
  10. Seattle – 38,100 events

Atlanta also was considered a “friendly” city, given that 75 percent of party hosts provided guests with a “plus 1” option.

In addition, Evite found that Atlanta had 1,831,045 guests invited to parties this year, and the city’s parties had an average of 39 guests at each one. (Good luck hosting that in a Manhattan studio).

Top 2018 categories of parties in Atlanta, based on total number of guests invited

In terms of RSVPs, Atlanta parties received 651,003 “Yes” responses, 241,268 “No” responses and 62,505 “Maybe’s.” Overall, Atlanta parties received 954,776 RSVPs this year (52 percent RSVP rate).

According to Evite, trending themes for the year included unicorns, florals, fiestas, and Paw Patrol. Additionally, the gender reveal trend continued to skyrocket with a 70 percent search increase year over year.

For Atlanta, the top 2018 categories of parties, based on total number of guests invited, include birthdays for her (245,000 guests), kids’ birthday parties (241,000 guests), birthdays for him (95,000 guests), holiday parties (67,000 guests), and baby showers (66,000 guests).

With numbers like these, it doesn’t look like Atlantans will slow down their partying ways even after the peach drops on New Year’s Eve.