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Rendering: SCAD Atlanta residence hall is latest addition to Midtown skyline

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The highly visible 14-story structure is slated to finish next summer

Rendering of 14-story residence hall.
A fresh rendering of the highly visible new home for SCAD Atlanta students.
SCAD Atlanta

Overlooking the Connector, across the interstate from Atlantic Station, and just steps from the main Savannah College of Art & Design Atlanta building, construction continues to inch toward completion on a new 14-story residence hall.

After breaking ground in March, the project currently stands at 43 percent finished and is expected to be ready on July 31 next year, officials tell Curbed Atlanta.

Designed by Mackey Mitchell, along with BatesForum and SCAD Design Group, the new residential tower is being constructed by Clayco.

Joining a bevy of new housing options for students in Midtown and downtown—with more rising from the ground right now—the new facility will feature 596 student beds on 13 residential floors. The 14th floor will be home to event space and a rooftop terrace.

The structure last month.
Curbed Atlanta

Room types include dormitory pods, each with four double bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a shared furnished lounge; semi-suites, each with two double bedrooms, one bathroom, and shared furnished living room; and apartments, each with two double bedrooms, one bathroom, a shared furnished living room, and full kitchen.

Each residential floor also will include a study lounge, a homework lab, and a floor lounge, while the second floor will house a central laundry facility and adjacent lounge and exterior terrace.

Google Maps/Curbed

On the ground floor, the building will have lounge spaces, homework areas, a coffee bar, and the residence life offices.

The building joins three other residence halls on the SCAD Atlanta campus: ACA Residence Hall of SCAD, Brookwood Courtyard, and Spring House, which is adjacent to this new facility.

When the tower’s completed, SCAD students will enjoy an improved pedestrian and bicycle connection to the academic campus via SCAD Way.

Currently, SCAD Atlanta has an enrollment of more than 2,500 students, its largest to date.