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Atlanta City Council aims to clamp down on predatory vehicle booting

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Bill that could regulate car-booting industry comes after 10 months of debate

A vehicle with a boot on it.
Could Atlanta be in for fewer scenes like this?
UIG via Getty Images

Unscrupulous booters of cars around Atlanta are facing pushback from city government.

The Atlanta City Council voted unanimously at the last full meeting of the year Tuesday in favor of increased regulations on the booting industry.

Councilors also gave the nod to requiring improved designs and coherence of private parking signs used by companies around the city—signs that have caught criticism this year for being confusing or virtually unnoticeable.

The approved bill, introduced by councilmember Amir Farokhi back in February, triggered 10 months of debate among multiple stakeholders before a legislative package was reached that all parties have agreed on, according to city officials.

“Predatory booting isn’t a problem that we can fix overnight,” Farokhi said in a press release, “but this bill is an important first step.”

The teeth of the bill would require stricter background checks for booting company reps, who would also be required to wear clear identification.

“The new signs will be easier for residents to understand and be easier on the eye,” Farokhi continued. “These and other provisions are important wins, but we must remain vigilant to ensure residents and visitors are not being taken advantage of.”

Following the council vote, the ordinance has moved to Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’s desk. It would go into effect immediately if approved.

Revised signs would be required to be installed no later than April, per city officials.

Below is an example of current signage Tweeted by Farokhi in June—followed by an example of designer submissions that could make for more noticeable warnings.

Ro_C, via crowdSPRING