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First look: ‘Upper Westside Lofts’ project pitched for Atlanta’s creative community

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Is that a MARTA train on the roof?

The pitch for a dry cleaners replacement at the corner of Collier Road and Defoor Avenue.
The pitch for a dry cleaners’s replacement at the corner of Collier Road and Defoor Avenue.
All renderings via Upper Westside Lofts/S&B Plaza

Could Atlanta’s so-called Upper Westside be moving on up, literally?

A promotional website for the Upper Westside Lofts—a project that’s relatively tall for the area and is marketed as “coming soon”—would suggest so.

In what the website describes as “Atlanta’s tech incubator zip code” and the “heart of Atlanta’s film production district,” the loft stack could rise from a corner lot currently occupied by a dry cleaners building where Collier Road and Defoor Avenue meet.

The site’s between Interstate 75 and Nuevo Laredo Cantina, near Underwood Hills.

Renderings and details on the site indicate the project would have 6,800 square feet of retail at the base—and a transit car on the roof.

We’ve reached out to reps with developer S&B Plaza for a construction timeline, potential pricing, and other information. We’ll update this story with any details that come.

The tower would span 65,000 square feet with skyline views and a bulk of its parking underground.

The units themselves are described as having “high tech industrial loft flex layout(s) ready for your music and your art” with “high ceilings, tall windows, natural light, and tons of overhead storage for your gear.”

It represents a chance for creative Atlantans to, “Be productive all day, all night—or both!” the site enthuses.

Elsewhere in the Upper Westside pipeline, TQ-UWS Apartment Homes is moving forward with a 271-unit project near Crest Lawn Memorial Park.

And a groundswell of houses and townhomes under construction in the area is expected to complement Westside Village, a $40 million Upper Westside multi-use development that aims to serve nearby neighborhoods with shops, restaurants, and residences.

Sketch of a space “designed to support the creative tech lifestyle.”
The site in question, as seen in summer 2017.
Google Maps