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At $850K, is there hope for this Virginia-Highland curiosity?

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Redeeming qualities include handsome wood trim, built-ins, and tavern infrastructure

A very strange house for sale in Atlanta’s Virginia-Highland right now.
A typical Va-Hi facade this is not.
RE/MAX Around Atlanta

Atlanta architecture buffs who’ve walked or ridden a bike along leafy Greenwood Avenue (or hilly Barnett Street) in Virginia-Highland have probably, at some point, stopped for second, eyed the building on the northwest corner, and wondered: What exactly IS that?

A Bavarian-style, two-story mini apartment complex? An urban chalet? A wayward piece of downtown Helen?

The answer, it turns out, is a 3,600-square-foot haus with six bedrooms that’s stood over this Va-Hi corner for more than 80 years. And it’s a haven—at least in its current state—of WTF moments.

Was this sign used literally at some point in Va-Hi history?

There’s stained glass that proclaims the place a “PUBLIC BAR” and what looks like tavern-style beer taps in an industrial kitchen. Elsewhere is a sink of unknown purpose, apparently crafted from a fireplace, in a blue-carpeted room. So she needs some work.

Marketed as “unique” with “charming upgrades,” alongside redeeming qualities such as the truly handsome woodwork and brick fireplace, it’s being sold “As Is” in fixer-upper condition.

But given the neighborhood’s cachet these days—plus an 80 WalkScore that constitutes a “Very Walkable” location—could this curiosity be doomed? Even with an $849,000 asking price, as posted this week?

The Beltline’s Eastside Trail is a few blocks down the hill, while Va-Hi’s gap-toothed commercial strip is a stone’s throw in the other direction. All the splendors of Ponce are around the corner.

The locale makes you wonder if the only number that really matters here is 6,011. The square footage of the lot, that is.