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MARTA’s Inman Park-Reynoldstown Station to see aesthetic, functionality boost

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Part of the More MARTA plan, an ongoing renovation should enhance walkability

a rendering of the pedestrian bridge to-be
The renovated pedestrian walkway on the south side of the station will feature a staircase, breaking up the path to the parking lot.
Renderings: MARTA

Anyone thinking about using the north entrance to the Inman Park-Reynoldstown MARTA Station should think again in coming months.

But inconvenienced commuters can take heart in knowing the situation should be better in the long run—and an example of tax dollars being put to work in a way that makes Atlanta more transit-accessible.

As of this past Monday, per MARTA, “there will be no pedestrian access to the station from the North/DeKalb Avenue entrance, and shuttle service will be in place to connect customers to the South/Seaboard Avenue station entrance.”

That’s not just an effort to throw a wrench into your morning commute; it’s part of a $6.9 million upgrade, courtesy of the More MARTA expansion package.

The northern pedestrian bridge to the transit station, as well as the parking lot it connects with, is slated to be closed until springtime, as it undergoes a renovation that should make the stop more pedestrian-friendly.

Once that’s complete, the same thing will happen to the south side’s pedestrian bridge.

MARTA will offer additional parking at its Seaboard Avenue lot, as well as at the King Memorial station.

The on-site Zipcars will also be gone during renovations.

The transit agency unanimously approved its $2.7 billion More MARTA project list in October.

The current south pedestrian bridge.
Google Maps
How the station serves two neighborhoods literally on opposite sides of the tracks.
Google Maps