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For $360K in Cabbagetown, ‘sophisticated, luxurious retreat’ takes chances

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With more than $100,000 in upgrades, Stacks unit claims to be a masterpiece of craftsmanship and high-design

An aesthetic safari in C-town.
Engel & Völkers Atlanta

With a listing that brims with superlatives such as “alluring,” “breathtaking,” and “luxurious,” this gussied-up loft at The Stacks in Cabbagetown has much to live up to for potential buyers.

Offering one bedroom and one bath in 994 square feet, it’s said to be a “magical merging of inspiration and architecture” that has been “recreated by a renowned interior designer.”

Renowned possibly, but also unknown as the listing omits that tidbit of information.

Massive floor-to-ceiling windows (or almost), original brick, nine-foot-plus ceilings, textured concrete floors, and glossy and matte Venetian plaster walls are just a few elements that provide warmth and originality to the space.

The unit features more than $100,000 in upgrades, including the fully upgraded kitchen and bathroom, per the listing.

It’s highly likely that the closet in the master bedroom, which runs along one full wall, also is included.

HOA fees are listed at $257 per month and cover such amenities as a swimming pool, fitness center, and one parking space.

With an asking price of $359,000, the listing claims the unit is “priced to sell,” with “furnishing available for sale” as well. (It’s been on the market since August, when it listed for $90,000 more; the last price adjustment came a month ago.)

One can’t help but wonder if those animal skin rugs and throws are part of the available furnishings.