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Long-anticipated Midtown residential building finally moves toward construction

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Demolition has begun along Juniper Street between 5th and 4th streets for unique, stepped structure

A grey building with multiple floors. There is a street in front of it with cars.
A rendering of the project.
Smith Dalia

Way back in 2015—eons ago, in the context of Atlanta’s current development boom—plans were unveiled for a unique, stepped residential building at the southeastern edge of Midtown.

Billed as J&5 (for the intersection of Juniper and 5th streets), the building was pitched as a six-story development facing the density of Midtown, stepping down to just two stories to blend with adjacent single-family homes to the east.

After years of inactivity, construction fences have risen around the site, and demolition permits have been issued for the small commercial buildings that stand along Juniper Street.


According to developer Dezhu, which bought the development site from Southeast Capital, the building will feature 150 residences atop a parking podium. Homes will average nearly 1,200 square feet.

Southeast Capital has built both apartments and condos in the city over the past decade, and the developer does not clearly state whether J&5 units will be for sale or for rent. We’ve reached out to them to find out more.

In this day and age, the project would be a sizable dose of condos for Atlanta, should the company go that route.

Renderings of the building by local firm Smith Dalia indicate that it will feature two courtyards and plenty of balcony space fronting Juniper. Local landscape firm TSW has drawings posted on its website showing a pool in one courtyard, with a green lawn, grills, and gardens in the other.

Initially, construction was slated to begin last year, but with the slow start, don’t expect a ribbon-cutting before 2019.


UPDATE: A previous version of the article indicated that Southeast Capital is still developing the project. Southeast Capital sold the property to Dezhu US.