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Renovated Capitol View ranch features ‘amazing upgrades’ for $280K

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In this 1925 home, a lackluster exterior gives way to a cozily contemporary, updated interior

Interior view of open living room and kitchen.
Historic Capitol View takes a modernized turn.
Keller Williams - Buckhead

The renovation trend continues in Capitol View, and this 1925, 1,504-square-foot ranch is the latest to hit the market.

The somewhat awkward exterior could rub homebuyers the wrong way, but the interior contains “amazing upgrades” throughout, as the listing puts it.

The kitchen seems to be the major beneficiary of the renovation, which includes a new island that apparently doubles as a table.

The home contains three bedrooms, although at least one of them is shown here as an office, complete with the currently popular barn doors.

As for the two bathrooms, the listing states, “Marble lovers will die for both bathrooms.”

That being said, that double vanity in the master bath would have been better left as a single sink given the lack of counter space in a room sorely lacking in storage.

Another spot sorely lacking is the backyard.

Although the front yard received a makeover, the backyard was not so lucky. Hopefully, that grass seed will come to fruition in the spring. And maybe adequate fences will magically sprout, too.

The listing claims the property is within walking distance of the Beltline’s Westside Trail, but it’s actually more of a hike, making that selling point slightly irrelevant. Unless there’s a bike involved.

The current asking price of $280,000 is well above the average price range for this neighborhood, but given the amount of renovations popping up nearby, it could turn out to be a solid buy in the long run.