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Pinewood Forest town center renderings revealed

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Mixed-use village in Fayette County to feature “European vibe and distinctly Southern design”

A hand rendering with four-story commercial building and multi-family structures along a pedestrian street.
The planned view down one of the main streets in the community.
Nequette Architecture

South of Atlanta, a new town has been rising from the farmland and forests of Fayette County, as Pinewood Forest (formerly spelled Forrest) begins to take shape.

Initial info on the more than 1,000 residences rising as part of the project was released last year, and now light has been shed on the central, 25-acre village district at the project’s core.

According to the development team—led by Chick-fil-A CEO Dan T. Cathy—this town center will feature an array of office, retail, and dining options to serve residents and visitors of the 234-acre master-planned community.

The Village Square will feature a boutique hotel, restaurants, galleries, collaborative office space, and a 60,000-square-foot Piedmont Wellness Center.

Generous sidewalks with street dining and “unexpected outdoor spaces” will contribute to the “European vibe” of the district, though the architecture will reflect “distinctly Southern design,” according to developers.

The end of the “Pedestrian Walk” at Pinewood Forest.
Nequette Architecture

Renderings indicate the influence of the film industry—the adjacent Pinewood Atlanta Studios was the impetus for the project—will be strong, with large movie posters visible in the central square.

Construction is slated to begin early next year, with the Piedmont facility opening in late 2019.

The residential portion of the development is underway, with 50 single-family homes completed of the planned 600. They will be joined by another 100 townhomes and 600 multifamily units.

Plans call for the entire development to be connected by more than 15 miles of walking trails.