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Emory Midtown Hospital bulldozing old parking deck to build ... nothing

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Empty lot is bound for neighborhood in need of quality development

A large parking lot with two story deck.
The parking lot and deck.
Google Maps

A dilapidated parking deck near Emory Midtown Hospital will soon be torn down. That’s the good news.

But instead of a new building rising in its place, the lot will remain empty.

According to permits filed with the city, demolition of the garage—which fronts West Peachtree Street, Linden Avenue, and Spring Street—will make way for “no new construction.” Filings indicate the demolition will cost $200,000.

Permits do not indicate whether the small research building attached to the parking deck will also be demolished.

The deck, which had temporary supports due to what appeared to be failing structure, hasn’t been used for parking in some time. The adjacent parking lot closed at the end of 2017, and crews have been assembling to bring down the derelict three-story facility since.

The garage is adjacent to Baltimore Block and the old Rosser Building, which was gutted late last year.

Meanwhile, just across from the lot stands a vacant 88-year-old office building also owned by Emory.

Last year, the hospital sought permission to demolish the structure for another vacant lot, but pushback from the community stalled those plans.

However, sources with knowledge of the project indicate that preservationists should be wary, as the proposal is far from dead.

The doomed parking garage sits across from the Life of Georgia Building, also owned by Emory. Sources indicate the building is threatened with a similar fate.
GSU Special Collections via Atlanta Time Machine

For a neighborhood struggling to gain traction following the closure of the Peachtree-Pine shelter, logic says the last thing needed is more vacant lots.

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