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$885K Midtown dwelling near Piedmont Park is deceptively a decade old

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Find outdoor options aplenty on Monroe Drive

A photo of a modern townhome for sale on Piedmont Park.
The simplified exterior, facing Monroe Drive.
PalmerHouse Properties

About a block south of Grady High School, these tri-story residences with rooftop decks lorded over Monroe Drive long before contemporary duplexes popped up in places like Poncey-Highland and Kirkwood.

Despite its 2007 vintage, this newly listed townhouse at right appears rather current, thanks in no small part to its restrained aesthetics—and likely a few updates in key places.

The price tag of $885,000 could induce gasps at first blush, but the property serves substantial square footage (just shy of 3,500) in a Midtown location (with a supreme 89 WalkScore) a few hundred steps from the Beltline, Piedmont Park, and, crucially, Richards Variety Store.

If the overall room count doesn’t impress (three bedrooms, three bathrooms) the number of decks might. There’s at least one on every level, plus a rooftop loft to complement the terrace up there. In most areas, natural light seems to flood in.

Additional perks: a sound system integrated throughout the house, a two-car garage, and a shared backyard garden.

Daily drivers might quibble with the high-traffic locale, but commuters by two wheels or foot probably won’t mind.