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No2 Opus Place reveals (smaller) unit mix, slashed prices, completion outlook

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Smaller floorplan options mean lower prices—but don’t expect a starter home

A cut of the sleek glass tower, with the downtown skyline beyond.
A corner of the glassy tower, from the south-facing perspective.
No2 Opus Place

Slated to be Atlanta’s tallest residential building, No2 Opus Place has undergone significant redesigns as it readies to head skyward along 14th Street.

According to a press release, the final configuration of the 53-story tower has changed to create smaller, cheaper options for buyers.

But don’t get too excited; the tower is by no means chockfull of workforce housing.

Rather, the cheapest units will now start in the mid-$400,000 range, rather than the previously stated $750,000. The price slice was accomplished through a reduction in the size of the smallest floorplans.

Now, the smallest one-bedroom options will clock in at 625 square feet. Buyers looking for something way more costly will find the $12 million penthouses, with more than 4,000 square feet apiece, still unclaimed as well.

In total, 23 floorplan options are available.

A flamboyant groundbreaking was held late last year, but it’s not clear when vertical construction will begin, as crews are said to have encountered significant granite beneath street level.

Plans call for the project to open in spring 2020, officials said this week, which gives construction crews a little more than two years to get the tower up.

Here’s a look at the latest renderings:

All renderings via No2 Opus Place
The planned IMAX theater on a high floor.
A cut of the sleek glass tower, with the downtown skyline beyond. No. 2 Opus Place