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Westview remodel is basically predicting a bidding war at $349K

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Can a huge, fenced yard and very cushy carpets atone for lack of sheer space?

A photo of a remodeled home from 2006 in Atlanta’s Westview.
Overlooking Ontario Avenue since 2006.
Climmons Group

Not lacking for confidence, this refreshed mid-aughts bungalow in Westview is putting a predicted legion of eager buyers on notice: Highest and best offers are due by 9 a.m. Sunday, sharp.

Maybe that’s presumptuous for a four-bedroom house that’s described, somehow, as having square footage (1,588) comparable to many two-bedroom condos in Atlanta—in a neighborhood where recent sales above $345,000 can be counted on one hand.

But considering Westview’s price escalations, growing Beltline fervor in the area, and the intoxicating breezes of buyer-friendly spring, maybe a predicted bidding frenzy is on point.

Built in 2006, this perky blue dwelling stands on Ontario Street, around the corner from KIPP Strive Academy and the Beltline’s Westside Trail, a couple of blocks from tranquil Westview Cemetery.

It’s described as “completely redone” and infused with stainless steel, granite, crown moulding, and smart technology. (Be warned that no one blew the budget on staging).

Highlights include the three full, stylish bathrooms and an immense backyard, which could be viewed as giant blank palette with fresh wood borders.

The asking price is $349,000, which breaks down to roughly $100 per square foot of cushy carpeting.