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Along future Southside Beltline corridor, new apartment project announced

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Pollack Shores is hoping to pioneer large-scale Beltline development in Chosewood Park with 325 new apartments

A view of three-story modern apartments with glassy first floor.
A rendering of the proposed apartment development.
Pollack Shores via Bisnow

The Atlanta Beltline has brought billions of dollars of investment and thousands of new apartments to the neighborhoods along the Eastside Trail over the past few years.

Now, investment cash is beginning to follow subsequent segments of the trail, as it slowly works its way around Atlanta’s core.

The Southside Trail—the Beltline’s southeastern and southernmost crescent—is still likely a few years away from opening, but it’s the latest to experience developer confidence. According to Bisnow, Pollack Shores is moving forward with plans to develop a 325-unit apartment project in Chosewood Park, where Boulevard crosses the future Beltline corridor.

Permit filings indicate the developer hopes to bring 325 units to the site at 1099 Boulevard, south of Grant Park.

A stretch of Boulevard near the site, as it appears today.
Google Maps

Right now, the neighborhood along the railroad right-of-way—which will one day form the spine for the Beltline—is dominated by industrial uses and overgrown with kudzu. The project would appear to be the first major, private investment in the neighborhood in years.

But if the Eastside Trail from Midtown to Edgewood Avenue is any indication, don’t expect the Pollack Shores project to be alone for long.

There’s no definitive indication as to when the apartments will be completed, but the Beltline will likely be years behind it, estimated to come to the neighborhood in 2023.

A rendering of the future Beltline corridor in the area.
Atlanta Beltline