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Mini Midtown apartment project moving forward after demolition

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Most recent Midtown developments are high-rise, but this 13-unit building is keeping things small

A four-story modern, boxy building, with balconies and a coffee shop at the ground floor.
The project’s proposed interaction with the street.
Praxis 3

Renters in Midtown have plenty of options for high-rise living, but a new development will cater to those looking to keep things lower to the ground.

Demolition of an old home on 12th Street is clearing the way for Elmhurst Capital to construct a boutique apartment building, across the street from Piedmont House.

According to permit filings, the Praxis3-designed building will contain 13 residential units and a ground floor coffee shop facing 12th Street.

The architect’s website gives a slightly different count for the units, indicating the building will offer “intimacy and an aesthetic that will be appealing to the Midtown renter.”

Demolition of the existing structure on the site.
Tommy Jones via Facebook

Units atop the four-story building will feature two levels each.

Residents will enjoy quick access to Piedmont Park and the heart of the Midtown business district. It’s unclear how much parking will be included, or exactly where it will be accommodated on such a tight site.

The developer indicates construction is valued at approximately $4 million.

Piedmont Park

400 Park Drive Northeast, , GA 30306 Visit Website