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The Atlanta airport’s new canopies are truly massive

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Construction is progressing on the dramatic, arched new entrance covers at Hartsfield-Jackson

a photo of the under construction canopy
Construction on the north terminal’s soaring new canopy.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Airport visitors at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson will see things soaring to new heights, as construction plows ahead with massive arched canopies to provide shelter along the north and south terminal arrivals and departures drives.

Work is well underway as part of more than $6 billion in upgrades at the airport in coming years. The canopies have required lane closures over the past few months, but the final product will dramatically improve the formerly drab, utilitarian, weather-exposed areas.

Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

As the canopies are going up, work is also being completed to make the airport’s 200-plus gates feel more open and modern. Crews have raised ceilings, added windows, and replaced dated materials on many of the concourses.

Down in the pedestrian tunnels and plane-train stations, new bright ceilings have gone in to update the space as well.

Work on the canopies is expected to stretch through this year.

A four-story arching metal tube system above the entry drive for the airport.
A rendering of the completed project.