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Atop downtown’s Healey Building, highly customized penthouse reaches for $1.3M

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Sprawling condo in historic 1913 tower doesn’t lack personality

A downtown penthouse for sale in Atlanta right now.
Martini, anyone?
Beacham & Company

Custom-made for a sophisticated intown soiree, this penthouse atop Forsyth Street’s Healey Building is that rare downtown condo aiming for north $1 million.

Spanning 3,146 square feet, it’s the antithesis of a Home Depot drywall job, with nary a square inch that hasn’t been customized in some way.

No one can accuse this place—the subject of magazine features—of being cold. Maybe busy, vaguely corporate, or even Art Deco, but not cold or standard. Maybe that’s fitting for a 1913 landmark with neo-gothic elements.

The variety of views—from Mercedes-Benz Stadium to Cabbagetown and beyond—is spectacular. And it’s probably somewhat mesmerizing to watch the glowing SkyView wheel spin from bed.

The facts: three bedrooms, three bathrooms, one commercial-grade bar in the living room, one ventilated cigar room with leather walls, and an asking price of $1.3 million. It’s worth noting the mortgage-esque HOA fees ($1,316 monthly) are nothing to sneeze at.

As might be expected with a building of this vintage, no off-street parking is included, per listings. On a positive note, the penthouse is equipped with home automation throughout.

Elsewhere, another perk is the forthcoming commercial upgrade with new shops that’s set to launch soon at the building’s base.