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Handsome Westview remodel aims for neighborhood record at $398K

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Rescued 1930s property touts designer finishes, 100-yard proximity to Beltline’s Westside Trail

A renovated house in the Westview neighborhood of Atlanta.
Seeing green on Westwood Avenue.
PalmerHouse Properties

As with West End before it, sizable renovated homes in the Southwest Atlanta neighborhood of Westview are inching toward the realm of $400,000.

The latest property with such ambitions is a 1930s bungalow flip on Westwood Avenue marketed as a “fabulous” showcase of “all the bells and whistles,” around the corner from the Beltline’s Westside Trail and Lean Draft House.

As posted in late January, the asking price is $397,500, which would break the single-family Westview record set last summer by nearly $13,000.

So what’s that buy? A lot of newness, basically.

Per the listing, the roof, plumbing, electrical, and other non-sexy facets are all fresh, as are “designer finishes and fixtures galore.” The reconfigured dwelling counts four bedrooms and three bathrooms in 2,000 square feet.

Elsewhere, the plush gray carpeting, decorative balusters, and what looks like rough stucco might not have been the first choices of intown’s armchair designer legions. The landscaping is described as professional, while the backyard patio could be called an unfortunate shortcut.

On a positive note, 100-yard Beltline proximity is reflected in the 73 WalkScore, which is strong for a single-family neighborhood.

Obviously, it’s all a night-day difference from the unsettling previous listing. The home sold last April for $140,000.

The home last year, prior to renovations.
Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta