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Midtown’s hyped-up Coda begins ascent above West Peachtree Street

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Portman-led project is on track as workers construct the building’s two towers from depths of major excavations

The Coda building from 14th Street in Atlanta. Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Construction of Coda, one of the largest current projects in the southern stretches of Midtown, is beginning to make an impact on the streetscape near Tech Square.

A visit to the site shows that work has progressed to the fifth floor of the project, changing the character of West Peachtree Street between Armstead Place and 4th Street.

From a hole in the ground last summer, the 21-story, high-power computing center and technological innovation hub is well on its way skyward. The concrete skeleton at the eastern end of the site represents the short leg of the L-shaped tower, which will eventually stretch along 4th Street.

Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Temporary steel framing at the center of the block marks where a wide pedestrian plaza will slice from Spring to West Peachtree streets, providing through-block access and plenty of space for gatherings.

Ultimately, the site will house more than 600,000 square feet of office space, the computing center, retail shops, and restaurant space, including a food hall.

Renderings: JP&A via Georgia Tech

Designed by John Portman & Associates, the project will be joined in the neighborhood by the proposed Anthem Technology Center, slated to break ground soon next door.

Work on Coda is scheduled to wrap up this year, with the opening planned for Jan. 1, 2019.